Tierra the lounge / Cafe & bar ~Very Fashionable Cafe with Delicious Coffee in Sannomiya , Kobe~

Sales Information & Where It Is

This cafe is normally closed on Monday
Open Tue.ーSun 10:00 a.m ~
Address : Miwaboshitoaro-dobiru , 3-12-16 , Kitanagasakadori , Chuo-ku , Kobe-shi , Hyogo-ken , Japan
It takes about 3 minutes from the JR Motomachi Station or 5 minutes from the JR Sannomiya station

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Atmosphere Of  Tierra The Lounge

Tierra the loungeの入り口

As written in the title , This cafe open as a bar after 6 p.m

To suit the atmosphere of bar , there are 6 counter seats and 2 table seats for 2 people
The back room and the 7th floor  are  a hair salon
So you can drink a cup of coffee or something to drink since you go to a salon to cut the hair

I recommend  this cafe to you for small group , two or three
If you go there with many people , it is difficult to stay together
But at the night , open as a bar , I think we can enjoy together without sitting haha


The Menu

The Menu I Ordered

  • Salt Caramel Latte ice/hot  ¥600
  • Latte ice/hot ¥550
  • Strawberry Soda Up ¥650
  • Espresso Romano ¥650 Recommendation!!!
  • Crunch Chocolate Brownie ¥450
  • Pumpkin Pound Cake ¥450


Salt Caramel Latte ice

塩キャラメルラテ ice

You can taste the sweetness of this latte.
Because this latte contains a caramel sauce.
If you order a hot caramel latte , you can drink while enjoying latte art.
Drinking hot latte in winter is my favorite time.
In winter , I recommend hot latte to you.

At the end of this article , I wrote some special information!!
Please check it haha




カフェラテ ホット

Tierra’s coffee beans has a little bitterness and sourness.
So I think everyone can be easy to drink.
I know , you think why did I know that haha.
It’s a secret  , but you can know that if you read this article till the end.

Espresso Romano (on the left) / Strawberry Soda Up (on the right)


Espresso Romano is made of espresso and lemonade soda.
I think it is very rare drnk. So you should drink it there!!
It was so delicious. You can taste the bitterness of espresso , sweetness of lemonade and scent of lemon.

Strawberry Soda Up was the most delicious strawberry drink I’ve ever drank in my life.


Pound Cakes

There are many kinds of pound cakes. The kinds of pound cakes change depending on the seasons , like pumpkin , strawberry and so on. . .
Pound cakes I ate were Crunch Chocolate Brownie and Pumpkin Ppound Cake.
They were very delicious.

Tierra serves fresh pound cakes. So basically , we have to  eat for here.

I think latte and pound cakes are the best combinations!!




Valuable Information

I often go to Tierra right after opening or between shoping.

Right after opening , there is a few people. So you will be able to spent relaxing time.

Tierra is located far from Sannomiya station by walk , so you  never surffer from clouds.

 It is good to visit Tierra with your friends after the lunch or dinner.
There are few cafes which open until late like Tierra.
So you shoud keep Tierra in your mind when you come to Japan.

You Can Meet World Latte Art Champion at Tierra!!

As I said in this title , the champion of latte art , who called Turner , sometimes works at Tierra.
If you are interested in latte art , you should check his instagram.
There are many brilliant l
atte art photos there.

Mr. Turner supervises setting of Tierra’s coffe beans.
Even if you rarely drink
a coffee , you can feel delicious of coffee.

I am saying the same thing again , but you should go there nd his latte!!


Please see below. This latte was made by Turner.



And you can check his instagram below. He posts about his work time at Tierra on instagram story.


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