SWEETS BAR ASHIOTO ~Bar Serves Delicious Handmade Sweets and Pairing in Sannomiya , Kobe ~

Sales Information & Where SWEETS BAR ASHIOTO Is

Sweets Bar ASHIOTO is normally open on everyday.
Open Mon.-Fri. 18:00~26:00 (last order 25:00)
Sat.            17:00~27:00 (last order 26:30)
 Sun.           17:00~26:00 (last order 25:00)
Address : FPB Building 3F , Kanoutyou , Chuo-ku , Kobe-shi , Hyogo-ken.
※The information I put is the things when I went there.

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The lightning is a bit dark.
Everyone knows that in the bar haha.

About seat at the bar ,  you can spend relaxing time during watching making a drink
I recommend it to you who like to drink alcohol.

The Type of Seat

  • Seat at the bar
  • Table seat
  • Sofa seat
  • Table seat in semi-private room
  • Table seat in private room

The sofa seat is like this!!

About private room , you must reserve the private room.


As I wrote in the title , ASHIOTO is bar. So this bar serves many kinds of alcohol. I think you can find your favorite drink there,

The main feature of ASHIOTO is handmade sweets and serving alcohol to much of sweets.

And sweets are changed for seasons. So if you go there , please check the menu.

Now , I’ll show the menu that I ordered!!

The Menu that I ordered

The menu is changed for seasons , so you should keep in mind as reference.

  • Glass parfait ~scents of seasons~ ¥1,200
  • Green tea mousse ~represent the seasons of Japanese garden~ ¥1,200
  • Crepe suzette ~fire festival with a vanilla ice cream~ ¥1,400
  • Cheesecake with berrys and strawberry ¥1,200
  • Cold catarana with marinated citrus fruit ¥1.000




Glass parfait ~scents of seasons~

It was a very photogenic parfait served in a glass.

And the parfait was made of orange!!

It was very delicious.


Green tea mousse ~represent the seasons of Japanese garden~

Green tea mousse was rich and moist.

I loved this Japanese atmosphere like Japanese garden.

This tree branch is made from chocolate.

Green tea mousse was very delicious!!


Crepe suzette ~fire festival with a vanilla ice cream~ASHIOTO_crepe

This crepe is served with fire . It’s just thing that butter is burning. So it is safety haha.

The smell of butter and orange is good.

The combination of orange , ice cream and hot crepe is very good!!
It was very delicious.


Cheesecake with berrys and strawberry

The big strawberry and many kinds of berry is on the cheesecake.

Cheesecake was rich and delicious.


Cold catarana with marinated citrus fruit

Do you know catarana??
Catarana is like creme brulee.

It’s well baked outside and very moist inside.

It was very delicious.


The Valuable Information of SWEETS BAR ASHIOTO

ASHIOTO’s sister store named ASHIATO is located near ASHIATO.

ASHIATO is located in Sannomiya station.

Atmosphere of ASHIATO is different from ASHIOTO.

You can spend relaxing time there.

↓If you are interested in ASIATO , please click here↓




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