SO.TABLE KOBE 0330 ~Outstanding Kobe Cafe Where You Can See Beautiful Sea ~

Sales Information & Where SO.TABLE KOBE 0330 Is

This Cafe is normally closed on Wednesday.
Open Mon.-Sun. 11:30~22:00 (except for Wednesday)
Address : 5 , Hatobamachi , Chuo-ku , Kobe-shi , Hyogo-ken.
It takes about 15 minutes from Sannnomiya station and Kobe station on foot.

↓If you are interested , check the official instagram↓


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Atmosphere of SO.TABLE KOBE 0330


The exterior is like this!!

The color of white and blue is cute.

SO.TABLE KOBE is located in Meriken Park.


Besides , the landmark is this Kobe Port Tower.

SO.TABLE KOBE 0330 is in front of Kobe Port Tower.

The Menu of SO.TABLE KOBE 0330

The Menu Is Used of Hyogo Local Foods

The most of menu is Italian and used of local foods like Awazishima Onion.

I have never eaten for this lunch , so I show you menu posted on official HP.

I often go SO.TABLE KOBE 0330 for eating sweets.

  • Margherita ¥1,300
  • Quattro Formaggi(Mozzarella cheese、Gorgonzola、Ricotta cheese、Grana padano、honey) ¥1,600
  • Prosciutto arugula ¥1,800
  • Marinara pizza ¥1,300
  • etc…




The Menu I Ordered

The menu I ordered were sweets and drink!!

  • Tiramisu ¥550
  • Cafe au lait ¥600
  • Italian soda (Lemonade) ¥600


(in the front)Tiramisu / (left)Cafe au lait / (right)Italian soda (Lemonade)


Tiramisu served by SO.TABLE KOBE 0330 is one of most delicious tiramisu I have ever eaten!!

I absolutely recommend this tiramisu to you!!
You should order this one.

Marshmallow was in this tiramisu!!
The taste of it was good too.

The sponge soaked coffee was under tiramisu.
The bitterness of coffee and the sweetness of tiramisu was the best combination!!

Tiramisu was very fluffy as if melted in my mouth..

Lemonade and cafe au lait were delicious too!!
The label of bottle was so cute!!




Valuable Information of SO.TABLE KOBE 0330

I Recommend This Cafe at Night

At night , there are illuminated and very beautiful.


This is photogenic spot in Kobe.
I recommend that you take a commemorative photo here.

Be Careful! Cafe Time Started at 2 p.m (When I went There)

When I went there at 1 p.m , I had to order lunch.
But I just wanted to order only sweets haha.

If you order only sweets and drink , you should go there after 2 p.m .

Official SO.TABLE KOBE 0330 Website

This is official SO.TABLE KOBE 0330 website.

If you interested it , check this website.

But they are written in Japanese…