Pagot ~Awesome Omelette Rice near Nankinmachi , Kobe~

Sales Information & Where It Is

This cafe is normally open on everyday.
Open Mon. ー Sun. 11:00~22:00 (Last Order 21:30)
Adress : Kanae Building 1F , 1-4-8 , Motomachidori , Chuo-ku , Kobe-shi , Hyogo-ken , Japn.
It takes about ten minutes from JR and Hankyu Sannomiya Station on foot!!
It is located near Nankinmachi!!
※The information I put on is the thing when I went there.

↓If you get more information about Pagot , check the official Instagram↓


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Atmosphere of Pagot


This picture shows the entrance of Pagot.
This door is made of wood and very fashionable!!

There is many people in line and fulled during lunch time on weekends.
So it is advisable to go there at night or right after opening.

The Type of Table Seat

  • Table seat
  • Seat at the bar

The maximum capacity of table seat is for four maybe…

The Menu I Ordered

The Menu I Ordered

  • “Yoru wo tanoshimu set” ¥1,990
  • Burned caramel cheese cake
  • Omelette rice with taco , meat and avocado ※for limited time
  • Cream Omelette rice
  • Omelette rice with beef stew




“Yoru wo Tanoshimu set”

“Yoru wo tanoshimu set” means dinner set for enjoying night.
This set contains salad, pasta or omulette rice , soft drink or juice and original cheese cake.
I think it is very good value , because you can order this set with ¥1,990.


Pagot has many kinds of original cheese cake.

This is a original cheese cake with burned caramel sauce.
The sweetness of cheese cake and bitterness of burned caramel sauce is best combination!!

This cake is moist and rich.
But it is easy for me to eat haha.


Omelette rice with taco , meat and avocado ※for limited time

I love avocado. So when I ate it , I fell in love haha.

It contains taco , so I think it tastes a bit spicy.
The spicy of taco and sweetness of avocado is best combination!!
It was very delicious.

Please note the following , omelette rice with taco and avocado is for limited time.


Omelette rice with beef stewed

This beef was well stewed. So beef was very soft!!
It melted in my mouth and it was very delicious!!

I was very happy.


Creame omelette rice

Creame omelette rice!!
This creame was very rich! I think it contains cheese!!




Valuable Information

Pagot’s sister store  named「Jeana」and 「Copoli」are located near there

As I said in the title , Pagot’s sister store named Jeana and Copoli are located near JR Sannomiya station.


Jeana is well known for delicious pasta and carbonara rice.
This picture’s rice is carbonara rice.
It was very delicious.



Copoli is well known for hot sandwich!!
There are many kinds of delicious sandwich.