Nomu Kobe ~Fashionable Cafe Has Tables Decorated with Dried Flower Made By Nicolai Bergman in Kobe , Japan ~

Sales Information & Where It Is

This cafe is normally open on everyday.
Open Mon. – Sun. 11:00~20:00 (Last order 19:30)
Address: Kobe Bal ANNEX 4F , 3-6-1 , Sannomiyachyou , Chuo-ku , Kobe-shi , Hyogo-ken , Japan.
※The information I put on is the thing when I went there.



Nomu Kobe is located in Kobe BAL ANNEX 4F.
Beautiful dried flower made by Nicolai Bergmann is decorated at the entramce.




Atmosphere of Nomu Kobe

You can go to Nomu Kobe , 4F ,  by taking elevator or stairs.


When you arrive at 4F , you will be able to see the beautiful dried flower.

Beautiful dried flowers is changed their color with four seasons.
For example , spring is pink like cherry blossoms , summer is cool color and so on..
Please find your favorite color of dried flower!!

Besides , This dried flower is made by Nicolai Bergman who is from Belgium and very famous person around the world.

In particular , gift box made of dried flower is very popular in Japan.
It is very beautiful and I just want to keep looking at haha.


The entrance of Nomu Kobe is like this.

There are terrace seat for two.

In the cafe , there are five seat for two and seat for six.



The table is decorated with beautiful dried flower.
They are very fashionable and so cute!!
And their colors is changed with four seasons!!

The Menu I Ordered

The Menu I Ordered

  • Latte hot ¥715  including tax
  • BERRY NICE DAY  ¥780 + tax





I took this picture in autumn.
It was like autumn leaves. I was very moved by their beautiful leaves.
As if I were go to watch autumn leaves.

Besides , the latte art was very fashionable and delicious.



I went and took this picture in spring.
The color of dried flower was pink like cherry blossom , like spring.

I ordered BERRY NICE DAY this time.
BERRY NICE DAY is smoothie.
It contains berry , banana , cinnamon and milk.
It was fresh and sweet! It tastes very delicious!!




Valuable Information

KOBE BAL AUTUMN FESTIVAL Is Held in Every End of Summer

As I said in the title , KOBE BAL AUTUMN FESTIVAL is held in every end of summer.
There are many kind of shop , like fashionable cafe , famous clothing store and so on.. , and more lively than usual!!
I was very enjoyed this event!!

I’ll introduce limited ice I ate this time.


This beautiful ice is sold by Nomu Kobe.
This is made from only fresh fruits. Not using sugar!!
It was very delicious!

  • fruits ice bar ¥450


↓If you are interested in this festival , please look previous year festival article↓



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