Mother Moon Cafe Sannomiya Main Store ~Fashionable and Delicious Cafe in Kobe~

Sales Information & Where Mother Moon Cafe Is

This cafe is normally open on everyday.
Open Mon.-Sun. 11:00~22:00
Lunch time 11:00~15:00
Dinner time 18:00~21:00
Address : Sannomiyatyou 2-6-9, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo, Japan


If  you are interested , there’s a menu


★★★☆☆3.47 ■1993年創業 神戸初のCAFE 『Mother Moon Cafe*』 ■予算(夜):¥2,00…


Atmosphere of Mother Moon Cafe

I’m sorry , I forgot to take a picture of atmosphere..

So If you want to see the interior , please check official Mother Moon Cafe instagram.

Mother Moon Cafe Sannomiya main store Instagram




Mother moon cafe* 三宮本店(@mothermooncafe1993)がシェアした投稿

The Type of Seat

  • Table seat
  • Terrace seat

There are a total of 30 seats.

Besides , this cafe is famous for people from others.

I went there at night , there were many people from others.

It is easy to order , because the menu is written in English and Japanese.


The Menu of Mother Moon Cafe

There are many kinds of foods , drinks and sweets.

Besides , you can drink alcohol there.

The Menu That I Ordered

  • Fried chicken 2P ¥480
  • Tomato cream pasta with big shrimp ¥1380
  • Carbonara used of local egg ¥1380
  • Sangria red・white each¥780




Fried Chicken 2P

Chicken  marinated with the liquid that comes out when making butter from buttermilk was very juicy.

When I actually ate it, the broth ooze out from inside and it was very delicious! !!

By adding it to the “lunch sauce” dip sauce , it was very delicious.

I recommend this chicken to you with drinking alcohol.


Tomato cream pasta with big shrimp

It is tomato cream pasta with big shrimp.

I think the sourness of tomato and a bit sweetness of tomato cream is the best combination.
It was very delicious.

About big shrimp , it was very delicious and bit sweet.


Carbonara use of local egg

This carbonara was very rich.

The pasta is fettuccine.
The fresh pasta I had was chewy and tender.


Sangria red・white

This sangria tastes fruits and sweet.

I think it is easy for people who don’t like alcohol to drink.


Valuable Information about Mother Moon Cafe

There is Mother Moon Cafe’s sister store in Sannomiya.

Kobe International house store


★★★☆☆3.48 ■予算(夜):¥1,000~¥1,999…

Mint Kobe store