Jeana ~Delicious and Photogenic Carbonara Rice in Motomachi , Kobe , Japan~

Sales Information & Where It Is

This cafe is normally open on everyday.
Open Mon. – Sun. 11:30~22:00
Address: Yasutaka Building 8F , 3-3-5 , Kitanagasakadori , Chuo-ku , Kobe-shi , Hyogo-ken , Japan.
It takes about 3 minutes from JR Motomachi Station and 10 minutes from JR Sannomiya Station on foot.
※The information I put on is the thing when I went there.

↓If you go there , check the official Instagram↓


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Atmosphere of Jeana

Jeana is located in 8th floor of building.

The Type of Table Seat

  • Table seat
  • Seat at the bar

Jeana is very popular in Kobe , so it is advisable to reserve in advance or go right after opening.

When I went there at 12:00 , there were many people and fulled….

The Menu I Ordered

The Menu I Ordered

  • Carbonara rice with genovese sauce
  • Carbonara rice
  • Carbonara rice with spicy cod roe
  • Carbonara omelette rice with mozzarella cheese
  • Rice with hashed meat




Jeana is well known for carbonara rice.

Carbonara rice

Carbonara rice with genovese is in the front. Carbonara rice with spicy cod roe is in the back left. Carbonara rice is in the back right.

I ordered a genovese carbonara rice and my friend ordered other.
We shared them.

They were very delicious.
An raw egg was placed on the top of center.

A smell of genovese was refreshing.
I think spicy cod roe was a bit spicy haha.
Carbonara rice was rich and creamy.

You should order carbonara rice when you go there.


Carbonara omelette rice

This carbonara was very rich and an egg was very fluffy.
Burned bacon and black pepper gives accent to the dish.


Rice with hashed meat

The appearance of rice with hashed meat resembles the appearance of carbonara rice.

Hashed meet sauce was a bit sweetness and meat was well stewed and soft!!
It was very delicious!!




Valuable Information

Jeana’s sister store named 「Pagot」 and 「Copoli」are located near Jeana

As I said in the title , Jeana’s sister store named Pagpt and Copoli are located near JR Sannomiya station.


Pagot is well known for delicious omelette rice!!



Copoli is well known for hot sandwich!!
There are many kinds of delicious hot sandwich.