#icafe ~Out Standing Fashionable “Kamakura” Cafe in Sannomiya Serving Lunch , Dinner , Kobe~


Sales Information & Where It Is

This Cafe is normally opened on everyday
Open Mon. ー Thu 11:00 ~ 23:00 (Food Last Order : 22:00 , Drink Last Order : 22:30)
Open Fri ー Sun 11:00~25:00 (Food Last Order : 24:00 , Drink Last Order : 24:30)
Address : New Sanko Building 1F , 2-1-13 , Nakayamatedori , Chuo-ku , Kobe-shi , Hyogo-ken , Japan
It takes about 10 minutes from  JR Sannomiya Station and Hankyu Sannomiya Station on foot  

※ The Information I put on is the thing when I went there

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Atmosphere of #icafe

#icafe is known as a Kamakura seat cafe in Kobe.

Do you know Kamakura??
Kamakura is house made of snow.


Let’s not jump to conclusions that #icafe’s Kamakura is made of  snow haha.
#icafe’s Kamakura seat is a seat that resembles natural snow.

And Kamamakura seat is a private room.
I think you will be able to spend relaxing time there.

The Type of Seat in #icafe

  • Private room like Kamakura
  • Table seat
  • seat at the bar

Maybe , there are 50 seats. Maybe..

Kamakura seat is very popular and there are fulled during at lunch time.
So it is advisable to reserve a seat in advance.

The Menu I ordered

#icafe Serves Omelette Rice , Fried Potato , Pasta , Sweets and So On…

This fashionable cafe serves many kinds of foods and sweets.
I think you will be able to spend enjoying time there.

Besides , I tell  a valuable point to you haha
In fact , You can drink not only juice and coke but also alcohol!!
This cafe open until late!!

The Menu I Ordered

  • Omelette rice -lunch set- ¥1,080
  • Caramel macchiato ¥580
  • Domed chocolate ¥1280
  • Parfait  -Otonano Miryoku- ¥980
  • Parfait -Saikouno Deai- ¥980
  • Fondant chocolate ¥480
  • Banana pan pudding ¥680円
  • Pan pudding ¥580円
  • Coke float ¥580
  • Heineken ¥780
  • Blue beer
  • Cassis and orange ¥680




Omelette rice -lunch set-

This omelette rice lunch set is limited edition. It is only served during lunch time.
Besides , This fashionable omelette is covered with egg like dress.


Domed chocolate

In fact , This is a cake covered with domed chocolate!!
When you put hot chocolate on domed chocolate , berry cake appear.
This is exactly photogenic!!


Parfait -Otonano miryoku (on the right) / Saikouno deai (on the left) – 

These parfait is made from liqueur ,whipped and fruits.

Otonano miryoku (on the right picture) is made from dark rum liqueur , espresso and tiramisu.
The bitterness of espresso goes well with the sweetness of tiramisu.
It was very delicious!

Saikouno Deai (on the left) is made from cassis , white wine and pudding.
It was very delicious too!!


Pan pudding

Pan pudding is hot sweets like pudding.
It contains bread and pudding. It is sweet and delicious.
Besides , you can add an ice cream , banana chocolate and so on for a slight extra charge.
I exactly recommend adding an ice cream to you!!


Fondant Chocolate

This Fondant Chocolate was very moist.
When I ate it , hot chocolate melted out.
I think hot sweets and ice cream is perfect combination!!!!!

Juice , Soft Drink and Alcohol

From left to right , Heineken , Peach orange , Cassis orange , Blue beer
You can drink many kinds of alcohol like beer , cassis , gin and so on…
We can spend enjoying time drinking alcohol , juice and soft drink!!

I love coke and coke float!!


Valuable Information

You should reserve a Kamakura seat in advance

These days , #icafe is becoming a popular cafe in Kobe.
So it is difficult to use Kamakura seat without reservation.
As a side note , there was not crowded and I could use Kamakura seat at 4 p.m and 10 p.m when I went there.

You Can Use Free Wi-Fi , Free outlet (socket)

As I said ,  you can use Free Wi-Fi and outlet (socket) in this cafe for free!!
If your phone is going to run out during trip , you can charge your phone battery with your charging cable.




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