Hachi cafe ~Kobe Cafe Serving Delicious Parfait and Curry Rice~

Sales Information & Where Hachi Cafe Is

Hachi Cafe is normally closed on Wednesday
Open weekdays 11:00~21:30 except for Fridays
weekends (including Friday) 11:00~23:30
Address : Bells Coat B1F , 3-11-17 , Kinanagasado-ri , Chuo-ku , Kobe-shi , Hyogo-ken  , Japan
※The information I put on is the thing when I went there.

↓If you are interested , please check official instagram↓


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Hachi Cafe is located under building , B1F.

This signboard is a landmark to Hachi Cafe.



The entrance is like this!!

The wall resembles natural stone.

Atmosphere of Hachi Cafe

Hachi cafe_interior

Hachi cafe has been painted in blue.


The Type of Table

  • Seat at the bar
  • Table seat

Personally , I recommend seat at the bar to you.

I think the decoration of the wall is so cute.


The Menu

Hachi Cafe serves many kinds of foods and drinks.

This cafe is famous for sweets and curry in Kobe.

I often go there for lunch , so I’ll show you lunch and sweets menu for this time.

The Menu I Ordered

  • French toast with chocolate sauce and nuts ¥1,080
  • Strawberry sponge cake for limited time
  • Green tea gateau chocolate for limited time


French toast with chocolate sauce and nuts

This french toast is cooked after you order.
So you can always eat it freshly cooked!!

A chocolate ice , fresh grape and banana are on it.
The combination of hot and ice is good!!

You think that it is small , but it is a little big.
So I think you will be full.

Personally , I recommend that you order two drinks and one french toast and share!!


Strawberry sponge cake
Hachi cafe_parfait

This cakes is sold for limited time only new year.

The strawberry put on resembles daruma.
It was so cute!!

About taste , it was sweet and delicious!!


Green tea gateau chocolate
Hachi cafe_cake

This strawberry resembles daruma too!!

Green tea gateau chocolate is fresh to me.
The flavor of green tea is rich and delicious!!


Valuable Information

In Fact , Hachi Cafe Is Famous For Curry Rice

I have never eaten curry rice at Hachi cafe , but Hachi cafe is famous for curry rice in Kobe.

I’ll try to eat curry rice next time!!

↓Curry rice(from official instagram)↓


HachiCafe-Kobe- ハチカフェ-コウベ-(@hachicafe.kobe)がシェアした投稿