FISH IN THE FOREST ~Delicious Lunch Cafe Like A Forest ~

Sales Information & Where FISH IN THE FOREST Is

This Cafe is normally open on everyday.
Open Mon.-Sun. 11:00~23:00
Address : 2-8 , Hatobamachi , Chuo-ku , Kobe-shi , Hyogo-ken , Japan.
※The information I put is the thing when I went there.

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Atmosphere of FISH IN THE FOREST

fish in the forest_exterior

The exterior is like this!!

This is the restaurant run by TOOTH TOOTH.
TOOTH TOOTH is famous for sweets in Japan. So this restaurant serves many kinds of delicious cakes too.

About interior , there are many trees.
So you can refresh and spend relaxing time there.

I will take interior picture next time!!

FISH IN THE FOREST is located in Meriken Park.
It takes about 15 minutes from Motomachi , Sannnomiya and Kobe station on foot.



This restaurant uses local foods like Awaji onion , Kobe beef and so on.

I will paste the link to it.

TOOTH TOOTH / トゥース・トゥース - 神戸キュイジーヌ・神戸スィーツ

“海とTOOTH“まるで森の中を魚が泳ぐように。 海と山に囲まれた神戸のローカルフード、生み出されるカルチャー … "T…

The Menu I ordered

  • Hamburger steak with Awaji onion and seasonal vegetables ¥1,380
  • Fish in the seafood curry ¥1,480




Hamburger steak with Awaji onion and seasonal vegetables

This hamburger is used of Awaji onion.
Awaji onion is Hyogo local food. It tastes a bit sweetness and super delicious haha!!

You should order and eat Awaji onion , if you come to Hyogo.

Hamburg was delicious too.

This set contains salad , rice and free drink!!


Fish in the curry

The fish in curry is so cute!!

This curry contains squid , shrimp , shellfish and so on..

It was delicious curry rice.

This curry set rice , salad and free drink.




Valuable Information about FISH IN THE FOREST

Another Restaurant run by TOOTH TOOTH

It is located in Sannomiya.

I will paste the link to it.

If you are interested , check this!!

TOOTH TOOTH / トゥース・トゥース - 神戸キュイジーヌ・神戸スィーツ

“太陽の恵みと庭園” 世界を旅するプラントハンター・西畠清順氏プロデュースのそらガーデンを囲む「TOOTH T … "T…