Kobe Sannomiya Izakaya・Bar

BOVIN ~Delicious Meat and Wine in Sannomiya, Kobe~

Sales Information & Where BOVIN Is BOVIN is normally open on everyday. Open Tue.-Fri. 11:30~14:00 (L.O 13:45)  18:00~23:30(L.O 23:00) Sat.-Mon. 18:00~23:30(L.O 23:00) Address : Higashimon Izinkan 2F, 1-5-3 Shimoyamatedo-ri, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo It is located on the second floor. So it is difficult to find it. Takoyaki Matsumura is landmark!!   Atmosphere of BOVIN The Type of Seat Seat at the bar 6 seats Table seats  8 seats Private room 6 seats   The space is small , but atmosphere is good. The seat at bar is like this. You can eat while watching cooking and making alcohol.   The table seats is like this!!   The Menu of BOVIN The menu is like this!!(This is information when I went to. So if you want to go , please check or ask me) BOVIN is called Yakiniku & Hormone izakaya. Hormone served by BOVIN is delicious too!!   The Menu I Ordered I ordered others this time , but I forgot to take picutures. So I’ll show you two menus. Kimchi MEGA Red (Lean steak)   Kimchi This kimchi was the most delicious that I have eaten ever. It is not too hot and a bit sweet.     MEGA Red (Lean steak) […]

SWEETS&BAR Mont Pignon ~Bar Serves Delicious Sweets and Pairing in Sannomiya , Kobe~

Sales Information & Where Mont Pignon Is This cafe is normally open on everyday. Open Mon.-Fri. 19:00~26:00    Sat.-Sun.  15:00~26:0 Adress: Sannomiya 5F, Kitanagasado-ri 2-5-17, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo-ken, Japan   ↓If you are interested , please check official instagram↓   この投稿をInstagramで見る   Sweets&bar_Mont_Pignon(モンピニョン)(@sweetsbar_mont_pignon)がシェアした投稿 – 2020年 3月月16日午前3時23分PDT Atmosphere of Mont Pignon The Type of Seat Seat at the bar 8 seat Sofa seat  2 seat Private room  max 10 people   I’m sorry. I forgot to take a picture of interior. If you are interested in interior , please check the tabelog as shown bellow. I’ll paste the link to it. The shop lighting is a bit darkness. Because it is a bar haha.   The Menu of Mont Pignon The sweets are changed for seasons. You can check the menu at tabelog!! The alcohol served with sweets are made in sweets order. I’ll show you the menu that I and may friend ordered.   The Menu That I Ordered Eclan Blanc Catalana Fondant Chocolate   Eclan Blanc This is Eclan Blanc. It contains tea ice cream , blackberry cream and peach. Add fruits sauce to this eclan blanc when you eat. It was very delicious. And the combination of sweets and alcohol was […]

SWEETS BAR ASHIOTO ~Bar Serves Delicious Handmade Sweets and Pairing in Sannomiya , Kobe ~

Sales Information & Where SWEETS BAR ASHIOTO Is Sweets Bar ASHIOTO is normally open on everyday. Open Mon.-Fri. 18:00~26:00 (last order 25:00) Sat.            17:00~27:00 (last order 26:30)  Sun.           17:00~26:00 (last order 25:00) Address : FPB Building 3F , Kanoutyou , Chuo-ku , Kobe-shi , Hyogo-ken. ※The information I put is the things when I went there. ↓If you are interested , please check official instagram↓   この投稿をInstagramで見る   【スイーツBAR 足音 】三宮BAR /神戸/三宮/スイーツ(@sweetsbar.ashioto)がシェアした投稿 – 2020年 1月月15日午後7時22分PST Atmosphere of SWEETS BAR ASHIOTO The lightning is a bit dark. Everyone knows that in the bar haha. About seat at the bar ,  you can spend relaxing time during watching making a drink I recommend it to you who like to drink alcohol. The Type of Seat Seat at the bar Table seat Sofa seat Table seat in semi-private room Table seat in private room The sofa seat is like this!! About private room , you must reserve the private room. The Menu of SWEETS BAR ASHIOTO As I wrote in the title , ASHIOTO is bar. So this bar serves many kinds of alcohol. I think you can find your favorite drink there, The […]