Kobe Harbor Kitchen Haji ~Haji Has Good Viewing Terrace Seats and Serves Delicious Lunch , Dinner in Kobe~

Sales Information & Where It Is This cafe is normally closed on Wednesday. Basically open Mon. – Sun. except for Wed. 9:00~22:00(last order food:21:00 drink:21:30) Address: 3-3 , Hatobamachi , Chuo-ku , Kobe-shi , Hyogo-ken , Japan. ※The information I put is the thing when I went there.   ↓If you are interested , please check official instagram↓ この投稿をInstagramで見る Haji (神戸・カフェ・ランチ・ディナー・貸切・パーティー(@haji_kobe)がシェアした投稿 – 2019年 4月月30日午後7時02分PDT Atmosphere of Kobe Harbor Kitchen Haji This is interior like bar counter. There is very fashionable!! The Type of Seat Table seat Terrace seat Seats in brick warehouse   There are terrace seats outside. Terrace seats have a roof , so you can spend enjoying time during rainy day.   Fashionable wall!! This wall is very photogenic and many people come there put on instagram. If you go there , try to take a picture.   The Menu This cafe serves many kinds of foods and drink like pasta , bread , appetizer , beer and so on..] The Menu I ordered Lunch Set B ¥1,500 + tax Smoke blow with roasted beef Daily pasta set     Lunch set B contains , salad , side menu and main dishes.   Daily Pasta Set (Lunch Set B) […]