Bar&Bistro 64 ~This Cafe Serves Delicious Kobe Pork and Has Good View Terrace Seats~

Sales Information & Where It Is

This cafe is normally open on everyday.
Open Mon. – Sun. 11:00~24:00 (L.O. 23:00)
Address: Naniwamachi 64 , Chuo-ku , Kobe-shi , Hyogo , Japan.
It takes about 6 minutes from JR・Hankyu Station on foot.
It is located near the Kobe Daimaru.
※The information I put on is the thing when I went there.

↓If you go there , check the official Instagram↓


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You can get the new information about Bar&Bistro 64.

Atmosphere of Bar&Bistro 64


The exterior and entrance of Bar&Bistro 64 is like this!!
I took this photo at night.

I often go there for dinner , but Bar&Bistro is open at noon too.

Bar&Bistro serves many kinds of foods and drink for lunch and dinner.
About lunch , all of lunch sets contain free drink , salad and bread buffet.
Maybe lunch set is about 1,500 yen.


The Type of Seat

  • Table seat
  • Seat at the bar recommended!!
  • Sofa seat
  • Terrace seat recommended!!

At terrace seat , you can see the beautiful street of Kobe.


The Menu

The menu is written in English and Japanese.

So I think it is easy to order.



※The menu I took is that  when I went there.

The Menu I Ordered

※Not-included tax

  • Quattro formaggi with Honey ¥890
  • Arrabbiata Gratin with Octopus and Gnocchi ¥800
  • Daily Recommended Carpaccio
  • Kobe Pork Libs stewed with Red Wine ¥1,480
  • Beer ¥580




Quattro Formaggi with honey

This pizza uses plenty of cheese!!
Quattro formaggi is a variety of Italian pizza topped with a combination of four kinds of cheese.

And we can put a honey.

After putting honey , they became mild.

I love quattro formaggi and it was very delicious.

I recommend quattro formaggi to you , if you go Bar&Bistro 64.


Arrabiata Gratin with Octopus and Gnocchi

This gratin contains arrabiata , octopus and gnocchi.

The sour of arrabiata and the mild taste of gratin is good combination!!

It was very delicious.
Beer tasted excellent haha.


Daily Recommended Carpaccio (This day is a sea bream)64_red_sea_bream

I ordered daily recommended carpaccio and a sea bream carpaccio was served.

You should this carpaccio at first as an appetizer.



Kobe Pork Libs Stewed with Red Wine

It was very delicious stewed pork libs I have ever had.

This stewed pork libs was very softly and It melted in my mouth.
The flavor s have gone through.



There’s a nothing like a cold beer after a long day’s work!!
I drink a beer without work haha.