GRATEFUL’S Ocean Diner’s Store ~You Can Eat Delicious Burger While Watching The Sea~

Sales Information & Where GRATEFUL’S Is

GRATEFUL’S is basically open on everyday.
Open Mon.-Sun. 10:00~21:00 (Foods last order 20:00 , Drink last order 20:30)
But limited quantity , the sale will end when all the stock has been sold.
Address : 4-9 , Sumaurado-ri , Sumaku , Kobe-shi , Hyogo-ken , Japan.
It takes 2 minutes from JR Suma station on foot.
※The information I put on is the thing when I went there.


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Atmosphere of GRATEFUL’S

This cafe has a relaxed atmosphere , and you can enjoy a leisurely meal.


The Type of Seat

  • Seat at the bar
  • Table seat
  • Sofa seat
  • Terrace seat
  • Loft seat

I sat a table seat and it was very comfortable.

Personally , I wanted to sit on a sofa seat haha , but it was taken.

Besides , you can enjoy doing BBQ at the terrace seat. Suma sea is located in front of GRTEFUL’S , so you can spend relaxing time during seeing sea.

I’ll paste the link to it. If you interested , please check!!


The Menu of GRATEFUL’S

GRATEFUL’S serves many kinds of delicious burger’s and so on.. 


I’ll show you menus that I ordered.

The Menus That I ordered

  • Bobs burger ¥680
  • Mix fruits juice ¥600


Bobs burger / Mix fruits juice

I ordered bobs burger and mic fruits juice. Bobs burger was simple.

Put the onion and meat with BBQ sauce between two slices of bread.

This burger was big and delicious. I became full!!

In the summer , the sea house is in front of this cafe , so you can’t eat during seeing sea.

I recommend you to come here in spring or autumn.