TORITON CAFE ~Delicious Parfait and Curry Rice in Saannomiya , Kobe~

Sales Information & Where TORITON CAFE Is

This cafe is normally open on everyday.
Open Mon.-Sun. 11:30~20:00 (L.O 19:00)
Address :
 1-23-16 2F , Nakayamatedo-ri , Chuo-ku , Kobe-shi , Hyogo-ken.
※The information I put is the things when I went there.

If you are interested , please check this link



Atmosphere of TORITON CAFE

I’m sorry. I forgot to take a picture of interior.

I will take a picture next time and update this blog!!

Type of Seat

The information about type of seat is quoted from tabelog.

  • Table seat 60 seat (about for 60 people)



TORITON CAFE serves many kinds of sweets and foods.

They are very delicious and photogenic.

The Menu I Ordered

  • TORITON curry with a topping of soft boiled egg and chicken (lunch set) ¥1,100
  • Parfait with mango ¥1,350




TORITON curry with a topping of  soft boiled egg and chicken

A soft boiled egg was on rice.
It was very photogenic and delicious.

Besides , this curry sauce is not too spicy.

So , it is easy to eat!!


Parfait with mango

This parfait used many mangoes.

It made me happy haha.

Besides , TORITON CAFE changes menu of parfait for seasons.

So , if you go there , please search with instagram like using #toritoncafe.